Abandon Handwritten Labels

Our Shop Floor is the best option for handwritten labels that can result in missed or inaccurate pallet labels. We’ve heard the many difficulties that can occur throughout production and we’re here to help:

Problem: We hand-write our labels to save time but we’re finding issues when using it for a job or shipping it out. We find it quicker to hand-write rather than use a labeling system to manually enter labels. Because of this we are finding our handwritten labels are not legible by staff or customers and are missing letters/number or customer data.

Solution: Mistakes will be made with hand-written labels, whether the information is wrong or its illegible. Abandon hand-made labels with Shop Floor labels. Labels are automatically printed when material is produced off machines. Order, product and customer data are pulled straight from the system to ensure correct data. Auto-printed labels eliminates confusion from staff and customers from hand-written or manually typed labels.


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