RedHawk Shop Floor

Why RedHawk Shop Floor?

The Shift Detail screen shows all details of the current job. How long was your machine setup? How long were you running before the web broke? What time did you start the job? Operators can monitor the progress of their shift to ensure they are hitting their goals.

Goals and performance metrics are setup by management and are calculated as the job is running. Operators can see if they are meeting their goals and get real-time feedback based upon the goals that were set by management. 

The Live Feed is a web-based report that will show job progress in real-time. The report can be accessed from a cellphone, PC or displayed on a TV. It shows job processes, percent complete, quantity produced, run rate and more. 

Whether your machine is down for a meeting or a web break, you can customize the downtime options that best fit your machines or machine types.  Operators can avoid having to manually track machine stops/starts as the software will change to Run once the machine hits the speed of your choice, indicating its running again.

Printing labels is seamless. When material is produced or returned it will automatically print a WIP, finished, pallet, roll or return to stock labels automatically. Forgot to print additional labels? No problem; print labels from a previous job or shift.

Easily produce WIP or finished material with no manual entry. Weight, footage and other applicable unit of measure will be tracked and calculated from the machine. Creating a skid, along with its labels, is as easy as pressing a button.  

Test the quality of your material from the built-in Quality screen. Set predetermined target goals. When running the job, the software will remind your operators to take quality tests as they add on material.

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