Reporting Dashboard

The Reporting Dashboard lets you see live job progress anywhere, anytime. 

This powerful web-based dashboard features real-time machine monitoring, key performance indicators, overall machine effectiveness and productivity by operators or shift. Visualize trends, goals and comparisons within production to gain insights into your business.

Some Reports Included:

The Live Feed shows production progress in real time. Be aware if a machine is stopped, why its stopped, the rate in which a machine is running, percent complete and more. Recommended to display on a TV.

The Tactical report displays machine shift data. Filter by machine, shift, operator and dates. Click into a specific shift and see more information like run processes, time in processes and produced material.

The Genealogy report shows material produced and it genealogy. When a serial number is selected, its parent and child material will show along with its weight, UOM and work order associated.

The Shift Detail report gives a very detailed look into each process during a work order and shift. Shows start/stop times, comments by operators if any issues occurred, material produced and more.

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