You’re Not Special

Your business is not special

But, it is specialized, and that’s why you should use software designed specifically for your industry and business needs. Technology is changing, and so is software.

Twenty-five years ago, most paper converters and printing companies settled on either tracking jobs manually or trying to adapt their processes to fit within a big-box software solution. We’re finding that many businesses are still trying to make these problematic ways work, but the truth is you don’t have to… Now you have choices.

Today there are more shop floor and MRP software programs than ever. You no longer need to adapt your processes to meet the restrictions of the software—you can just use a program designed for your industry and exact business needs.

It’s clear that a one-size-fits-all program is not an ideal solution, so why do so many companies muddle through the inconveniences it creates? Think of the time, inefficiencies and errors that are being caused by your current job-tracking system. Is it really worth it? We think you’ll be surprised with how effective, easy-to-use and inexpensive Shop Floor is to implement.

RedHawk Shop Floor was developed in the real world on real machines by our founder, Troy Dunsirn, while working at his father’s company. Troy used his mechanical engineering degree and hands-on industry knowledge to create his own shop floor program.

So how does it work, and what makes it better than the other shop floor programs out there?

Well, ours was designed by paper industry experts, so it understands the processes, workflows and challenges. It streamlines the paper converting process by automatically tracking footage, waste, speed, set-up and change-over all in real-time. Our software interfaces with your existing equipment and machines to recognize web breaks and roll changes, because we know those specifics are important to identify and track. Because our shop floor can accurately measure data in real-time, it’s easy to see where you can improve productivity.

Monitor job time, gross footage, expected run rate and performance to plan percentages. Set goals, celebrate successes and increase productivity with your team.

“Many of our customers use the shop floor performance tracking data to help incentivize employees,” Jackie, Director of Customer Strategy, said. “You’d be surprised how much chocolate or a pizza party can increase morale and foster some friendly competition.”

Our program dramatically decreases human error from miscalculations and transposed numbers by interfacing with your existing equipment, ERP and MRP programs. Use HawkPoint Technologies™ Shop Floor with your inventory and scheduling software to really streamline your workflows throughout your business. If you don’t have an MRP, we also offer a comprehensive MRP Suite.

If you’re ready to see what we can do for your business, request a demo. We love showing off our software.

Not in the paper industry? No problem—we have customers throughout various industries that find success with our software programs. If you’re interested in custom application development, we do that too. Contact us to learn more about our software solutions.

Ready to find out more? Watch our on-demand demos or reach out to learn more about our software solution and services.