Improve Your Business With Real-Time Production Monitoring

Proactively control jobs as they run. With real-time data at the workstation, operators can increase efficiencies and minimize downtimes instantly. Don’t wait for next month’s report to see the stats, find out when it matters most and adjust accordingly.

HawkPoint Technologies Shop Floor interfaces with existing manufacturing machines to track performance, material consumption and production, run rate and waste all in real-time. Set speed thresholds, change-over rates and goals. Use operators’ performance goals as a way to introduce some friendly competition, and perhaps set up a rewards system for your team.

“You may be surprised how motivating something simple like chocolate or pizza can be to increase performance metrics,” Jackie, HawkPoint Technologies’ Vice President, said.

Our screens are easy to navigate and display all the important details your team needs to adjust jobs on-the-fly.

Located in the heart of Paper Valley in Appleton, Wisconsin, HawkPoint has roots within the paper industry.

Shop Floor Counters

In addition to our unique job-tracking Shop Floor software, we also offer a comprehensive MRP Suite and Reporting Dashboard.

These automations streamline manufacturing processes, simplify workflows and help manage on-hand inventory. Teams members can assign products to quality hold, return rolls to stock, pull in job data and schedules, print labels and UPCs, select specific downtime reasons and track good footage, bad footage and waste. These automations reduce human error and increase efficiencies.

Management can track data over time to fine-tune processes and monitor performance metrics with the reporting dashboard. Access this web-based analytics tool anywhere there’s a Wi-Fi connection to compare facilities, machines, shifts and operators from the office or on-the-go. Seeing these trends can shed light on areas of improvement as well as areas of success, and show ways to adjust business models that will help increase profits.

Be more productive. Be more profitable. Request a free demo to learn more about our awesome software solutions.