Why is Our Machine Down?

Our Reporting Dashboard is a perfect resource to analyze and monitor your operations. We’ve heard the many difficulties that can occur throughout production and we’re here to help:

Problem: Management is looking for an easier way to see real-time metrics and updates while machines are running. We have many machines and staff that cannot always be out on the production floor or by each machine to find out why machines are down. There is no sufficient way to know when and why a machine is or isn’t running.

Solution: The Reporting Dashboard’s Live Feed captures real time data for orders running on every machine. The feed shows how long the machine has been down and why. Whether there is an issue with the machine, or the operators are on a break, the Live Feed will show it. Display the report on a TV in a break room, office wall or access via a tablet or computer to always know the progress of your machines.

Live Feed

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